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Top 10 Best Bedding Stores in Kelowna, BC | 2022-23 Guide

A bed with decorative pillows

We sleep for approximately one third of our entire lives, so it is well worth your time and money to optimize your sleep hours with the perfect bedding to suit your sleeping style and needs.

This article shows you the 10 best places to buy bedding in Kelowna, including bedsheets, duvets, comforters, pillow cases, mattress protectors, pillows, and more.


Kelowna Bedding Stores

A woman sleeping in bed with her head resting on a pillow

Halsa Natural Sleep

5.0 stars (18 reviews)

Halsa Natural Sleep in Orchard Plaza, Kelowna offers certified organic, eco-friendly pillows, duvets, toppers, sheets, and mattress protectors that are made in Canada. They also carry organic, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic bed mattresses made of sustainable rubber from Sri Lanka. Known for exceptional service, a wide selection of custom & Sleeptek mattresses, baby & kids sizes, and even smart adjustable beds – all delivered locally free of charge. For ultimate customizability, you can even alter the firmness on each side of your mattress. If you can’t make it during the day, you can set up an after hours appointment.


A stuffed animal duck lying on a soft whtite bed

Ducky Down Down Quilts

5 stars (7 reviews)

Ducky Down Down Quilts is a local bedding company that manufactures down-filled duvets and pillows at their location in the Pandosy Mission. Cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your breathable down bedding only requires regular airing to stay fresh. Shop a large selection of duvet covers and sheets, plus BC made buckwheat pillows and Tempur-Pedic products. Customizable duvet options include silk, wool, or camel down which will never require cleaning if encased in a cover. If your down bedding needs a little TLC, they wash, recover, and refill all sizes of pillows and duvets.


Mattress Mattress

4.7 stars (81 reviews)

Located along Highway 97 in Rutland, Mattress Mattress  is a bed shop known for low prices, friendly staff, and expert advice. Expect frequent deals and a price guarantee that beats even the lowest online prices. You can shop for duvets, weighted blankets, pillow protectors, and mattresses to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Mattress Mattress even accepts Bitcoin or Ethereum as online payment options. Their considerable pillow selection includes microgel, microfibre, memory foam (including the best in class Tempur Pedic brand), as well as cooling and gel fill pillows.

  • Address: 2714 BC-97, Kelowna, BC V1X 4J7
  • Phone: (250) 868-1447


A well-made bed with striped sheets, orange throw pillows, and white pillows

Urban Barn Kelowna, BC

4.4 stars (129 reviews)

For comfortable styles of bed linens, pillows, and throws to suit your unique taste, look to Urban Barn on Banks Road in Kelowna BC. Offerings such as custom upholstered beds and headboards will set the tone for your bedroom. Their warehouse in West Kelowna provides free pick-ups, alternatively choose from multiple paid delivery options. Style tip: try mixing and matching solids and prints for a fashionable bedding style that is easy to update as trends change. 


Costco Wholesale

4.3 stars (4,289 reviews)

Costco Wholesale is a members-only warehouse store located on Baron road between Orchard Park Mall and Rutland. You can find a large selection of bedding at Costco in Kelowna, including:

  • Sheet sets, blankets, and throws
  • Duvets, covers, and sets
  • Pillows, body pillows, and decorative cushions
  • Mattress covers, pads, and toppers
  • Bedding sets and children’s or baby bedding
  • Allergen Barriers

One year memberships start at $60 and will give you access to their extensive product lines and  cost-effective groceries to help with your cost of living. They also guarantee satisfaction and have an extremely generous refund policy.


The QE Home retail store in Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna BC

QE Home | Quilts Etc

4.3 stars (30 reviews)

Quilts Etc is a bedding store in Orchard Park Mall that offers high quality, ethically-made bedding in a variety of fashions from classic to modern. This BC-based company has a team of in-house designers that produce new bedding styles every season. From weighted blankets to colourful coverlets, this store has everything except your mattress. The selection of fabrics is substantial, including TENCEL (made from eucalyptus wood), bamboo, and recycled polyester. Expect great service from their helpful staff and price points for every budget.

  • Address: Orchard Park Shopping Centre, 2271 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H2
  • Phone: (250) 868-2825



4.2 stars (505 reviews)

Marshalls is a large department store and home goods store tucked between Orchard Park Mall and Costco. Their rapidly changing assortment of bedding products is well organized and clean, so you can discover something new every time you visit. Expect a “treasure hunt” shopping experience for deals 20% to 60% below full price. Not sure what colors to pick for your interior style? We suggest neutral tones such as whites, creams, beiges, or greys to keep your bedroom feeling calm and collected.


JYSK Kelowna

4.0 stars (343 reviews)

European in origin, JYSK boasts clean, minimalist Scandinavian designs at their location along the highway between Orchard Park Mall and Rutland. The polite and friendly staff are available to help navigate the orderly sections. Their collection of bedding includes:

  • Blankets, comforters, and duvets
  • Flat sheets and fitted sheets
  • Bedspreads and bedskirts
  • Pillows, pillowcases, and pillow protectors
  • Beds, mattresses, and cushions

Looking for an affordable mattress? Scandi mattresses are sold here and include free delivery.


Bed Bath & Beyond

4.0 stars (508 reviews)

Bed Bath & Beyond is a department store in Kelowna offering a huge selection of bedding styles, home essentials, and accessories. From budget brands to luxury lines, this Orchard Plaza location carries options to customize your sleep, such as their extensive inventory of support pillows. Make it personal with an uploaded photo printed on:

  • Blankets, duvet covers, sheets, and throws
  • Pillows and pillow cases
  • Bedding for children

If you’re in a rush Bed Bath & Beyond offers free curbside pick up in one hour, or same day delivery for $9.99.


Sleep Country Canada

3.9 stars (12 reviews)

Sleep Country Canada is a Kelowna mattress and bedding store located along Harvey Ave by the Orchard Plaza shopping centre. Sleep Country Kelowna offers a considerable selection of wares from bedspreads to pet beds. They also carry the Tempur Pedic brand of beds, mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, and bed sheets. Expect excellent help from their patient and knowledgeable staff (Hey Romeo!), and competitive pricing. If their list price isn’t lower than the competition, they will beat it by 5 percent. Considering a new mattress delivered to your door? For a small fee their team will exchange the new mattress to recycle or donate your used mattress – hassle-free.

  • Kelowna
    • Address: 2031 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G6
    • Phone: (250) 762-4633
  • West Kelowna
    • Address: 3550 Carrington Rd, Westbank, BC V4T 2Z1
    • Phone: (250) 707-0025
  • Ellison
    • Address: 2375 Norris Rd S, Kelowna, BC V1X 8G7
    • Phone: (250) 491-4487


A queen bed with sheets, duvet cover, and throw pilllows

Bedding and Bed Sheets FAQs & Tips

What’s the best thread count for bed sheets?

Thread count does not necessarily measure quality but rather the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Low numbers are more economical and start around 200 and go up to 800 or higher. While quality matters more than quantity, 400 to 500 is a good number to provide durability and comfort while remaining affordable. Higher numbers have smoother textures but are far less breathable. If you sleep hot, it’s best to stick to thread counts between 200 and 400 to stay cool.


Which fabric makes the best bedding?

Each bedding fabric has its pros and cons, and what is best for you will depend on your tastes and needs.

Fabric Pros Cons
  • Varies in cost and quality from Upland (lowest), Pima, Supima, to Egyptian Cotton (highest)
  • Naturally regulates your body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Large selection
  • Wrinkles
  • Lesser cottons can be falsely labelled as Egyptian
  • Breathable and cool in summer
  • Warm in winter
  • Elegant
  • Absorbant and durable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Expensive
  • Wrinkles
  • Slow to soften
  • Smooth and luxurious feel
  • Best for beauty sleep
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very expensive
  • Hand wash or dry clean only
Microfiber (fleece)
  • Budget-friendly
  • Repels stains
  • Resists fading
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wrinkles
  • Not very durable
  • Abrasive textures
  • Holds static electricity


Bedding Tips:

  • Increase the lifespan of your mattress with a cover or protector or a topper which will also optimize your sleep
  • Consider the whole height of your mattress and toppers before you buy fitted sheets and account for shrinkage after laundering
  • To promote colour retention and prevent pilling, add 1 to 1 ½  cups of white vinegar or ½ a cup of salt to your wash cycle
  • Avoid stiff and scratchy fabric by using small amounts of soap
  • Avoid fabric softeners as they can weaken or discolour fibers and leave an unpleasant coating
  • Repeated washing softens many fabrics like bamboo and cotton
  • If you have extra folded sheets, store them in a spare pillowcase to help organize your room
  • Need storage under your bed? A wrap-around bed skirt makes everything look neat and tidy
  • Care for a luxurious look? Try adding a canopy above your bed; it also provides protection from insects while you sleep


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