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Top Kelowna Charities, Non-Profits, & Community Orgs With Volunteer Opportunities in Kelowna, BC

Volunteer Opportunities Kelowna | Kelowna Volunteer Opportunties 2023

Want to get involved in Kelowna volunteer opportunities and give back to your city and make a difference for the Okanagan community? This guide shows you some of the best local organizations to offer your time, resources, and professional skills.

Every charity, nonprofit, and community organization on this list has been vetted for their financial accountability, community impact in the Okanagan Valley, and equality of volunteer opportunities in Kelowna, British Columbia.


Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides nutritious dinners, frozen meals, and home delivery to seniors and homebound individuals in the Okanagan. Meals on Wheels is run almost entirely by donations and volunteers.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can fill out a volunteer application and contribute by delivering meals using your own vehicle. Some reimbursement for mileage is provided by Meals on Wheels.

Address: 2009A Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8G6

Phone: (250) 763-2424


Seniors Outreach and Resource Centre

Seniors Outreach and Resource Centre is a local charity that provides information, resources, and services to support older adults with their non-medical needs in the Central Okanagan.

You can volunteer with Seniors Outreach as a friendly visitor, handyperson, grocery shopper, delivery driver, or with income tax preparation.

Address: 2065 Benvoulin Ct #115

Phone: (250) 861-6180

Illustration of groceries on a shelf at a food bank

Kelowna Food Bank (Central Okanagan Community Food Bank)

The Central Okanagan Community Food Bank provides nutritional assistance to over 4,000 individuals in the Okanagan every month. If you’re interested in volunteering to help people in need, you can donate funds or non-perishables, or volunteer to make a difference at the Kelowna or West Kelowna location.

Kelowna Address: 2310 Enterprise Way

Kelowna Phone: (250) 763-7161

West Kelowna Address: 3711 Elliott Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2H7

West Kelowna Phone: (250) 768-1559


Canadian Liver Foundation logo

Canadian Liver Foundation, BC/Yukon Region

The Canadian Liver Foundation is a non-government organization that funds life-saving liver research, patient assistance, education, and advocacy programs for Canadians with liver disease. You can help them by donating, fundraising, and getting involved with volunteering for special events.


InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care

InspireHealth is a non-profit organization offering free services focused on improving the physical and emotional health of people with cancer. InspireHealth provides stress & mental health counselling, managing treatment side effects, nutrition support, exercise therapy, improving sleep, and managing work, relationships, and life.

You can assist InspireHealth with administration, fundraising and events, research, exercise classes, and more.

Address: 1740 Gordon Dr #204

Phone: (250) 861-7125


Global Child Literacy Centre (Niteo Africa Society)

The Global Child Literacy Centre is a partnership of Ugandans and Canadians that builds literacy through books, capacity-building, and reciprocal partnerships around the world. You can contribute by providing books, packing books, writing books, and fundraising.

To get involved with their Kelowna branch, Okanagan Literacy Centre at Abetavu Children’s Home, visit their website

Address: 3261 Gordon Dr


Photograph of a black cat and brown dog sitting together.

Volunteering at SPCA Kelowna, BC | BC SPCA

The Kelowna SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is an animal shelter for surrendered animals, stray cats, dogs, and small pets. You can help the Kelowna BC SPCA by adopting pets, fostering pets (for at least 6 months), donating, attending fundraising events, or by working in animal care at the Kelowna SPCA branch. To sign up as a volunteer or search their volunteer job post section, check the SPCA website.

Address: 3785 Casorso Rd

Phone: (250) 861-7722


Okanagan Humane Society

The Okanagan Humane Society is a registered charity that uses 95% of donations to provide veterinary care, spay/neutering, rescue, food, and rehabilitation to animals in need. You can volunteer by helping trap feral and lost animals to deliver them to veterinary care, foster or adopt cats and kittens, participate in fundraisers, or assist with office operations.

Phone: (250) 448-8554


Karis Support Society | KCR | Kelowna Community Resources

Karis (KCR) is an independent not-for-profit agency that provides community services, employment services, family & adoption services, and immigrant services. To view their volunteer posts (e.g. workshop facilitator, crisis line worker, family friend, employment mentor, settlement mentor), check their website or use the Okanagan VolunteerConnector.

Address: 550 Rowcliffe Ave

Phone: (250) 860-9507


Kelowna’s Gospel Mission

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is a homeless shelter located in the downtown core that feeds the hungry, houses those without a place to live, and provides physical, spiritual, and emotional care.

The Gospel Mission in Kelowna provides nutritious meals, showers, haircuts, laundry, and dental care. You can donate or volunteer with the Kelowna Gospel Mission in the areas of outreach, shelter support, kitchen work, or by working in their thrift store.

Address: 1635 Abbott St

Phone: (250) 763-3737


John Howard Society Okanagan & Kootenay

The John Howard Society is a registered charity and social service agency that assists individuals experiencing poverty, homelessness, mental health concerns, and involvement in criminal justice. They offer services like housing assistance, community reintegration, mental health & addictions, and advocacy.

Address: 1043 Harvey Ave

Phone: (250) 717-0702


Correctional Service of Canada, Kelowna Parole Volunteer Program

The Kelowna Parole Volunteer Program with Correctional Service Canada provides volunteer opportunities working with offenders first-hand to help them reintegrate into society while they’re on parole. You can assist the Correctional Service of Canada in the areas of mental health & wellness, literacy & education, program assistance, and reintegration support.

Address: 1863 Bredin Rd

Phone: (250) 470-5166


Resources for Kelowna Volunteers

Volunteer Kelowna

Volunteer Kelowna is a free online resource to connect interested volunteers with new volunteer opportunities in Kelowna, BC. To search for a Kelowna volunteer opportunity and apply for one that suits you, check their website.


Okanagan Volunteer Fair

The Okanagan Volunteer Fair is an annual event hosted by KCR to help local residents learn about over 50 non-profit organizations and charities who need your help.

The next Okanagan Volunteer Fair will take place on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 at the Parkinson Recreation Centre.

Address: 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna

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