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5 Best Dry Cleaners Kelowna, BC [2023 Guide]

Kelowna dry clean and laundry services

This blog shows you the very best dry cleaners in Kelowna, BC for 2023.

From clothing to shoes, vintage pieces to menswear, these Kelowna dry cleaners treat your wardrobes with professionalism and care. We have handpicked these dry cleaners based on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction (Google reviews).

Miss Tulips Green Dry Clean

Miss Tulips Green Dry Cleaner

5.0 stars (102 reviews)

Miss Tulips Green Dry Cleaners is a highly-recommended Kelowna dry cleaning service located in Downtown Kelowna, BC, Canada that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods to make your items look brand new. We praise Miss Tulips for their friendly service, great cleaning, and their ability to accommodate large rush orders with VIP service.

With both dry cleaning and laundering services, they can remove stains from almost any item, including wedding gowns, jackets, fur coats, dress shirts, baseball caps, peacoats, and leather coats (including suede dry cleaning, silks, and fine fashions). To get there, drive west down Lawrence then turn into the parking lot behind The District shopping mall.


Address: 559 Bernard Avenue via access from Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N9

Phone: (250) 762-5323

Kellys Cleaners Kelowna, BC, Canada

Kelly’s Orchard Plaza Cleaners

4.8 stars (17 reviews)

Kelly’s Orchard Plaza Cleaners is a dry cleaning business in Kelowna, BC, Canada that offers dry cleaning, shirt service, and alterations – all at reasonable prices and centrally located in Orchard Plaza. Kelly’s gets great reviews for removing stains from suits & dresses, and cleaning delicate items such as handmade bedspreads with careful attention. We appreciate their quick turnaround times, friendly staff, and convenient pickup and drop off services.


Address: Orchard Plaza, 1980 Cooper Rd # 105, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8K5

Phone: (250) 868-3121

Spin City Laundromat in Kelowna Lower Mission

Spin City Laundromat

4.5 stars (148 reviews)

Spin City is a Kelowna laundromat, laundry service, and dry cleaner located in the Mission Park Shopping Centre in the Lower Mission neighbourhood. If you need to wash your clothes, their industrial washers are top notch, and they also offer a laundry and folding service. While you wait, you can take a seat, read a magazine, or grab a snack to pass the time. Spin City is known for spotless cleaning, pressing, affordable prices, and friendly service.


Address: 605 K. L. O. Rd #10, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8E7

Phone: (250) 860-7003

OneClick Cleaners in Kelowna Landmark District

One Click Cleaners Kelowna

4.3 stars (117 reviews)

One Click Cleaners Kelowna is a dry cleaner, laundry service, and laundromat on Sutherland and Burtch in the Landmark District. With friendly staff, modern machines, and a fold and dry service, we’ve come to appreciate the professional cleaning services at One Click Cleaners Kelowna. They are conveniently located near Landmark, of Kelowna’s largest business centres.


Address: 1502 Sutherland Ave #103, Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Y6

Phone: (778) 760-9350

Eco-Clean Dry Cleaning Centres

4.1 stars (14 reviews)

Eco-Clean Dry Cleaning Centre is a highly-regarded dry cleaner in Kelowna with both drycleaning and laundry service, clothing alterations, and free pickup / dropoff service. Their advanced dry cleaning techniques, VIP service, and corporate account system make them a new favorite in Kelowna. Known for superior cleaning results on wedding gowns, business suits, and even sleeping bags – Eco-Clean provides unparalleled cleaning results. They have 2 locations on Pandosy Street and Harvey Ave.


Address: 2728 Pandosy St #2; 1950 Harvey #506

Phone: (778) 484-5844

Mission Cleaners

3.4 stars (24 reviews)

Mission Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner located in the Mission Park Shopping Centre in the South Pandosy neighbourhood. They offer shirt service, stain removal, garment repair, and VIP pick up for a wide array of items.


Address: 3151 Lakeshore Rd #6

Phone: (250) 763-4521

What can I bring to the dry cleaner?

Dry cleaners typically offer cleaning services for a variety of items, including:

  • Clothing: dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, and suits
  • Outerwear: coats, jackets, and raincoats
  • Fine fashions: wedding dresses, wedding gowns, tuxedos, and dress shirts
  • Household items: curtains, tablecloths, bedding, and cushion covers
  • Accessories: ties, scarves, handbags, and sleeping bags

Some examples of items that dry cleaners usually do not clean include:

  • Leather and suede: These materials require specialized cleaning methods that dry cleaners may not offer.
  • Items with excessive dirt or soil: If an item is very dirty, dry cleaners may decline to clean it as it could damage their equipment or impact the quality of their cleaning process.
  • Delicate or fragile items: Items made of delicate fabrics, such as lace or silk, or items with embellishments, such as sequins or beads, may not be suitable for the dry cleaning process.
  • Items with certain types of stains: Some stains, such as ink, rust, or oil, can be difficult to remove and may not be suitable for dry cleaning.
  • Items that are heavily soiled or odorous: If an item has a strong odor or has been heavily soiled, dry cleaners may decline to clean it as it could impact the quality of their cleaning process.

How long does dry cleaning take?

Typically, most dry cleaners offer same-day or next-day cleaning services for small items, such as shirts or blouses. For larger items, such as coats or suits, the process may take a few days.

If you need an item cleaned quickly, it’s a good idea to check with your local dry cleaner to see what their turnaround time is and to inquire about any expedited services they may offer. In some cases, you may be able to pay an additional fee for expedited service.

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