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Why you need a Buyer’s Agent

As a home buyer, it’s always been wise to have someone represent your interests – and only yours. You should know that it’s never been wise to go straight to a listing broker and ask them to represent both sides of the deal.

In most parts of the world however, it’s still common practice to have one agent represent both the buyer and seller. But if you’re hoping to negotiate a good deal, one highly-motivated agent cannot fairly represent both parties. For limited dual agents, it’s virtually impossible to avoid a conflict of interest. In the past, big luxury listing agents would offer limited services to buyers that contacted them about a property listing.  This is no longer the case.

People were surprised in 2018 when the BC provincial government enacted new laws prohibiting REALTORs® from representing both sides of the transaction

In BC, Listing REALTORs® must now recuse themselves and advise you to get your own representative, one with a fiduciary duty to put your needs first and work exclusively for you as the client.  This new policy is changing the landscape of BC’s luxury real estate market, creating a new kind of luxury agent.

A Luxury Buyer’s agent is completely untethered from any loyalty or duties owed to Sellers. They’re free to carve out their own niche as master negotiators, deal makers, and experts in their local market.

A well-connected local agent is an invaluable asset. With their knowledge and experiences they can connect you with the very best contractors and luxury services providers in your market.

Beyond deal making, some luxury buyer agents offer clients a completely bespoke luxury buying experience. Recognizing that shopping for a luxury property should be one of life’s more enjoyable experiences, Luxury Buyer’s agents offer everything from helicopter tours that swap a weekend’s-worth of driving for 2 hours in the air, to arriving at a waterfront property by boat with champagne in hand.

Buying a home can be a whole lot more exciting than being crammed into the back of an agent’s sedan. Local agents like the team at Vantage West Realty offer a complimentary concierge service that books entertainment, dining, and anything else to make your luxury buying experience unforgettable.

We know you deserve a 5 star experience, but here are some pragmatic reasons to work with a Luxury Buyer’s agent:

  1. Duty of Loyalty: Your agent serves one master in the transaction: You!  You won’t have to worry about any pre-existing seller relationships that are affecting your negotiations.
  2. Full Disclosure: Your agent has a duty to obtain all information relevant to the property and conduct thorough due diligence on your behalf.  Any material information that may affect the property’s value, or your desire to acquire it must be promptly disclosed.
  3. Service: You deserve having someone manage the transaction from start to finish, so you can stay focused on your life and career. Having a team that tends to your needs and provides anticipatory services makes the difference between a seamless, stress-free purchase and a potential nightmare.

If you’re thinking about buying a property, it’s never too early in the process to bring in an expert with a unique set of skills.  A qualified luxury buyer’s agent can get you any home for sale – both on and off the MLS®.  This powerful alliance is an important step in finding you the right property, negotiating a great deal, and protecting your family’s interests.

Start the process today with a simple luxury buyer consultation with Brokerage Owner AJ Hazzi today. Click here to book a 15 min virtual coffee.

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